We export textile and yarn to mainly front line European and American vogue market. We collectively analyze information and fashion trends gleaned by our on-site expert staff in many places of the world and we introduce suitable goods from various places of production in the world for our clients. Based on the trend in the world fashion market, our export department creates the original collection of yarns and fabrics and presents them for our important clients. Our expert staff together with our designer work on their specific needs and develop new yarns and fabrics exclusively for them.

With Osaka as a hub, our strategically located overseas offices in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia form a network of information, marketing and logistics.



We involve in the licensing business of various luxurious fashions. We conclude licensing agreements with both domestic and overseas manufactures to produce products that meet the need of our market while maintaining the images of original brands of overseas companies. Our license marketing team creates interesting market in various product lines in Japan with the same logo as the imported product lines of a number of leading fashion houses from Europe and the U.S.A

Import of Fabric

We import fabric (cashmere, fleece, woolen, material for qualified suiting fabric, etc.) from overseas and distribute to fashion apparel manufactures and wholesalers in Japan. Backed by our custom made network of marketing system, our staff present selected imported merchandise to our Japanese clients. We have earned over a period of many years a solid relationship of trust with the leading fabric manufactures throughout the world. We strive for service excellence in the form of information, product development and logistics to meet Japanese standards together with the manufactures. In recent years, shares for our modes of business have been increasing, not only in the form of fabric but apparel, as well. In keeping, we are also striving to improve our project proposal capabilities and trend analysis.

Import and Distribution of Fashion Goods

Our highly skilled work force supported by our global information network enables us to strategically manage our business in partnership with overseas fashion company. We have not only up to minute marketing information on Japanese market but also have very deep knowledge of products. We have a very high competency to interpret market demands into products of suppliers and at the same time to interpret suppliers’ product idea into our clients in the market. That is our merchandising system. We have own retail shops of some brands while we sell to major department stores and many specialty store chains and can correctly represent the image and concept of particular brand names and products. We are finding and promoting new and attractive products and brands from Europe and U.S.A. which are suitable for our sales channel. That is our core competency.


Raw materials

We import the raw materials such as down, silk etc. mainly from China. Of these materials, we distribute down for bedding to important bedding manufactures and distribute silk yarn to important thread manufactures in Japan. We meticulously monitor the performance of our suppliers to ensure that they are meeting our quality standards and delivery schedule.


We locate unique foodstuff in China and other Asian countries and supply them to the Japanese market. These include honey, peanuts, chili pepper, frozen vegetable etc. The quality of our products is rated consistently high by the Japanese market because we support our import activities with exhaustive studies into the supply conditions and information of market trends for each product and foreign exchange and we maintain a close relationship with all of our production bases and factories. We develop new products by taking advantage of the unique characteristics of our world wide production base and supply products at reasonable prices with shortest lead time.


At company-established joint venture factories in China, we produce merchandise of children’s and women’s apparel based on clients’ design plans, specifications, and patterns, then import and deliver them to Japan. We make proposals for materials (yarn and fabric) and merchandise to clients, while introducing countries and factories optimal for the production of their merchandise. In this way and others, we enable merchandise to be completed in accordance with the client’s needs. By utilizing company-established joint venture factories and numerous cooperating factories, we are able to provide advanced plans and proposals to the clients. Thus, while skillfully linking with factories, we strive for service excellence in the form of information, product development and logistics.